Spin. 360°

Spin. 360°

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Spin. 360°

Hardback with dust jacket, Cover foil blocked (front, spine and back), Printed CMYK + two Pantone colours (2028U and 2334U)
Stock: 120gsm Munken Lynx, 203mm x 258mm, 520 pages, 2015

“360 degrees constitutes a spin. It is also a handy metaphor to describe a way of looking at a subject from every angle and perspective. This simple conceit forms the basis of this book.” – Tony Brook, founder and Creative Director, Spin

Spin: 360º is a portrait of one of London’s leading design studios. It’s a 520pp monograph that looks in mouth-watering detail at every aspect of Spin’s work in identity, print, moving image, retail, digital and environmental graphics, as well as the studio’s self-directed activities in publishing, curating and collecting. 

As well as interviews and essays by Spin’s two founders – Tony Brook and Patricia Finegan – Spin: 360º has texts by Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Ben Bos, Wim Crouwel, Rick Poynor, Steven Heller, Patrick Burgoyne and artist and author Edmund de Waal.

A year in the making, Spin: 360º is Unit Editions’ most ambitious book to date. It’s essential reading for anyone who wants to lift the lid on a successful creative studio.


Unit Editions, 9780957511484, 2015

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