Lance Wyman. The Monograph

Lance Wyman. The Monograph

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Lance Wyman

The Monograph

Hardback, black cover and white foil, Two paper stocks, CMYK + Pantone, 464pp , 280mm x 250mm, 2016

“Graphic design is all about telling stories, but visual stories.” Lance Wyman

This monograph is the first major publication devoted to Lance Wyman’s entire output. It showcases the achievements of a long and productive career, from his early work for General Motors, through his iconic designs for the Mexico 68 Olympics, to the Minnesota Zoo and his more recent projects.

Lance Wyman will go down in history for his Mexico 68 designs, but he has also completed commissions for a huge variety of other projects. Many of these have been designed for the general public, and exist in the lived environments of cities and institutions.

Wyman says, “I like the contextual part of working in an environment, whether it be urban or institutional or transportation. I think that’s where my best work is.“

A recurring feature in Lance Wyman's work is a basis in a deep understanding of local culture. The book looks in particular at Wyman’s close relationship with Mexico, and his revolutionary blend of modernist design principles with pre-Hispanic folk art.

The monograph also examines Wyman’s role as a pioneer of wayfinding, and the many city-wide projects he has worked on during his long career.

Other featured projects include the Mexico City Metro, Camino Real Hotel, Mexico 1970 World Cup, National Zoo, National Mall, Minnesota Zoo and Jeddah International Airport.

The book features many previously unpublished items and a selection of pages from Wyman's vast unseen archive of graphic design 'log books'.

Lance Wyman: The Monograph includes an extensive interview with the designer, along with essays by Adrian Shaughnessy, Andy Butler and Linda King. 


Unit Editions, 9780957511491, 2016

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